Birthday celebration at Patricia

Only took these three pictures unfortunately, but hey, better than nothing

Happy birthday to Johanna and myself that this weekend celebrated our 33rd birthdays with a big dinner at the restaurant boat Patricia

I have since my 18th birthday been getting birthday wishes from Patricia offering a free two course dinner for myself and half price on all food if I bring along 5-35 friends. I have never used the offer and I start to wonder why. The food was very good, the boat is situated with a beautiful view over the old town of Stockholm and later on in the evening the restaurant transforms into a nightclub. 

Johanna and I had invited 9 friends each so we were 20 people having dinner together. A little too much people to be able to talk to everyone but still, we had a good time. We were just a few staying dancing until late but I must say I really had a great evening on that boat :) 


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  1. Looks like a fab evening and you look amazing!


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