Birthday evening with my parents

Pictures from Friday night

Saturday was my birthday and I must say I have been greatly celebrated.  

On Friday my mum, dad and Bosse took me for dinner at Capri Due - a kind of fancy Italian restaurant that used to be one of my favourites during my high school years. The food was very nice and the service great. The whole staff is Italian and some of them hardly speaks a word of Swedish which obviously isn’t a problem for my family, it actually feels like a big plus - A true Italian dinner for the little Italian inspirited family :)

On Saturday I had another birthday lunch with my mum and dad and in the evening I celebrated with Johanna and another 19 friends at the boat-restaurant Patricia. More of that in a later blog post.

This morning Cicci and her mum came over with flower and presents for a little birthday lunch at my place. And in the afternoon Zarah and her boyfriend Eric invited me out for a birthday fika.  

I feel overwhelmed in my heart for all my adorable friends that have been celebrated or contacted me for birthday wishes this weekend. Thank you all!


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