Sugar exhibition

There was a time when we thought sugar was a health source

The beautiful Nordic museum

Yesterday I went together with Johanna, Lisa and Cicci to an exhibition at the grandiose Nordic museum in Stockholm. The exhibition was about sugar and it development in Sweden during the last centuries.

Sugar has gone from being a luxury that only the royalty had  to an accepted food product of our everyday life.

When we think about sugar we normally think about candy, chocolate, bakeries, ice-cream, soft drinks and cakes. What we don’t think of is that sugar is all around us in almost everything we eat. Pasta, rice, crisps, juices, yogurt, ketchup, musli, bread,milk… The list can go on forever.

I don’t see myself as a big sugar-eater. Idon’t like chocolate and I rarely eat candies, ice-cream or bakeries, but I don’t really think about all the invisible sugar I eat. I got a bit disgusted when at the exhibition but quite quickly I decided to keep the information in mind but I won’t change my food habits too much. We all believe in different diets and my own diet consists of eating varied and regularly. I try not to eat too much neither of sugar or fat food. I try to make sure to eat fish and vegetables as often as I can. On top of this I also exercise regularly making sure to fill my schedule with cardio, weighs and yoga in between 3 to 5 times a week. Being far away from perfect I still believe I live a healthy lifestyle!


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  1. Careful, I remember all the Easter candy from the office :-)


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