Food and health fair

The other day my colleagues, myself and my boyfriend Christoffer went to the health and food fair in Älvsjö. Food and health should belong together, right? But this was actually two different fairs that just happened to be set up at the same time in the same building, and I can understand why.

The health fair was great. It was all about exercising, yoga, stress relief and healthy dietary supplements like vitamins, proteins, energy ecc. I really enjoyed it.

The food fair was everything but healthy as it was all about alcohol (wine and cocktails) and restaurant food. In one small corner they also sold ecological food, olive oils and juices but it was clear the fair was not about that at all. Some of Stockholm’s most popular restaurants chain were represented and sold smaller sample plates. Then, like three quarters of the fair, was all about wine and cocktails. Not really what we had expected when we thought about a food fair and as I had a driving lesson right after the fair I couldn’t even try a single wine. Quite a disappointment to be honest.


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