Italian Wine Tasting

For birthday I gave Christoffer an Italian wine tasting experience at Karlbergs Vin &Cigarr Compagnie (KVCC) and on Wednesday it was finally time for us to attend it. Neither Christoffer or myself knows much about wine but we both enjoy trying new wines and have the curiosity to know more about what we actually are drinking so a wine tasting evening was perfect and borh interesting and fun.

The Italian wine culture is the most complicated of them all and even if we still only knows small parts of it we learned a lot during the two hours course and now I really would like to learn more about it.

To keep on with the Italian theme, yesterday we had Christoffers parents over for dinner and all together we made home-made pasta. And to be honest, it was a first for me! It was lots of fun to make it and I hope to do it again sometime soon.


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