Sushi from Akki Sushi

Akki sushi is for sure on of Stockholm’s most popular and best-selling sushi places. It is a tiny little “restaurant” (they have got 6 seats) hidden on close to Medborgarplatsen underground station. I have read and heard about it for quite a while but it was only recently I actually saw the place, or I saw the long line outside the place waiting to order their sushi…

On Monday evening, after my training with Anna at Sats Medborgarplatsen, I saw my opportunity to get some take away sushi from “Akki Sushi” as the queue was relatively short. I had to wait 20-25 minutes for the food (even if it was only around 6 people before me in the queue), the prices were around average and the sushi was as expected really good but I don’t understand all the attention the place gets anyway, it was good but not that good!?


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