Back in the saddle at Färingsö ridskola

My sweet horse for the evening, Comet

As most of you already knows I am a big horse fan and I have been missing horseback riding ever since I stopped riding in 2006. I have been thinking about bringing horseback riding back into my life for a while, but I have felt that the riding schools are too expensive ( around 7000-9000 SEK (€900) for one semester) and I believe I no longer have enough knowledge hiring a horse all by myself. But suddenly I came to an end with the thoughts and decided to sign up at a riding school regardless the price. On Monday I went for a trial lesson and to see onto what lever I could start.

My commute to the riding school, at Färingsö, is extremely long. It took me two hours to get there from work… While I was walking along the dark road from the bus station down to the stable, I was freezing and almost scared, I just wanted to turn around and go home again. Arriving at the stable I just felt confused, I had no clue what to do, what horse I would be riding or where I could get changed. But then a kind and warm hearted woman arrived and helped me with everything and when I finally found “my” horse for the evening and was standing in his stall I felt my heart melting. This was what I had been longing for for all these years.

The riding lesion went well, it was lots of fun but exhausting. I don’t have the right muscles anymore and already after 20 minutes of riding I thought my legs would fall off. More than once I felt like slowing down my horse, take a break and just tell the instructor I couldn’t make it but I didn’t.

Now, two days later my legs, back, abbs and shoulders are still aching but I am glad. Very glad. I have paid my semester fee and I am back in the riding world.


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