Show jumping day

Rinda and I

Yesterday it was time for my second riding lesson at Färingsö riding center. My legs have been aching for over a week since last time but I was looking forward to the lesson anyway, especially as my best friend Erika would join for her trial lesson. We arrived at the stable together, found our horses for the day and started to clean them up when I suddenly hear someone saying “we’re jumping today, right?”. I run over to Erika in chock and gets the confirmation, it was time for the first show jumping lesson!

I look at my massive horse that I had been given (Rinda was her name) and suddenly I feel very nervous and almost scared. In some kind of way I manage to saddle my horse and get us both inside the indoor riding area but I was still scared of… not even sure what I was scared of but I guess I felt scared of falling off the horse when jumping the fence. But I didn’t. We jumped around 60 cm high fences and I felt proud when leaving the stable last night.

Horseback riding is for sure like a drug. I just want more of it!


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