The movie Force Majeure

Yesterday the Swedish movie “Force Majeure” (called “Turisten” in Swedish) won six honors including best film and best director at Sweden's version of the Oscars, Guldbaggegalan. Force Majeure did not get an Oscar nomination but picked the best foreign film honor at the Critics Choice Awards, it won the Jury prize at the Cannes 2014 film festival. It was nominated to the fest foreign language film at the Golden Globe awards. Well, I can go on forever with all the prizes and nominations the film has taken home lately and you now will believe that it must be an incredibly fantastic movie….

Together with my boyfriend I saw the movie last Friday and we were both very disappointed. It was honestly a boring movie. The whole plot it about one scene; the second day in the alps for a Swedish/Norwegian family that during lunch threatens of a controlled avalanche and the dad of the family panics and runs away, leaving his wife and kids behind. No one is hurt and the father quickly returns to the table. The rest of the movie talks about this scene, the father’s reaction and his disappointed wife. That’s it, for two hours. And this movie wins I don’t know how many prices and I just can’t believe my eyes as for me this movie was absolutely nothing special. My boyfriend, colleagues and some friends agrees with me but anyway the movie wan it all and all I can say is, congratulations Force Majeure!


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