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Bild från dn.se

I am not very into sports, not any more. I rarely watch other sports than European football or horse riding on TV but sometimes things happens and it is just obvious that everyone should watch. Today was a moment like that! At the moment the world skiing championships is running up in Falun and yesterday Sweden got one of our biggest gold chances when Charlotte Kalla started in her favorite  event, the 10 km freestyle.

The whole finance department was collected in the kitchen/ relax area to see Charlotte Kalla win her first individual world championship of her career on her home ground here in Sweden.  

To be honest I don’t care too much about the skiing and who’s winning what but it was an incredible feeling to sit/stand there all colleagues together and live follow our hero taking home the gold medal. Suddenly we had something in common, a small thing that made collagues that never talk to eachother smile together.

Collagues at SEB kort watching last minutes of the ski freestyle race together.


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