Riding Vanadis

Vanadis and I
Christoffer is Communicating with another pony outside the stable :)
Very enthusiastically I keep on riding at Färingsö. Normally I go riding only on Wednesdays but this week I went to the stable both Wednesday and Saturday. Both days I got Vanadis, a very energetic pony/horse (her size is just in between pony and horse). On Wednesday it didn’t go very well. I think we both stressed eachother a bit. She just kept on running and I couldn’t manage to stop her so I got nervous. Obviously horses can feel this kind of reaction we humans get so she got nervous too. Bad combination. The whole dressage lesion I just focused on trying to get her to slow down/not run around too fast and uncontrollable. Saturday was better. Suddenly we were more a team, a quick team, but under control. She is a very nice and fun horse, just the kind of horse I would like to own myself. The kind of horse I would love to regularly train for better results. I bet we could become a great team if we just would get the chance to work for it.


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