Horseback riding in Curacao

Lying on the beach is great. Listen to the waves, sun bathing, reading, talking and just relaxing. But after some days of just beaches it is easy to get a bit restless so what could be a better idea than going for a horse riding tour in the Caribbean nature so that was exactly what my boyfriend, Ebba and myself did one day. It was absolutely one of the best days of the whole vacation.

We went to a nice middle sized stable with only Passo Fino-horses and went for a two hour riding tour in a close-by national park. My boyfriend hasn't really been riding much before but he got a very sweet pony that we got along very well with. He really enjoyed it and wants to do it again. Maybe I can convince him joining my riding school....

However, all three of us had a fabulous time even if in my eyes the horses where slightly too skinny. But they all seemed happy and energetic and both the horses and the riders really had great fun.


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