My last financial month closing at SEB kort

I guess I haven't mentioned that I am about to leave SEB kort. I would lie if I would say that this year working at the bank has been absolutely great. I have learned a lot, I met great people and I have had great fun. I am honestly sad leaving my precious job. But I have an exiting career step in front of me as I start my new job already next week so I hope not to stay sad for too long. 

However, today the 1st bank day of March will be my last financial month closing I will do at SEB kort. At least for this time. For those of you that doesn't know I have been working mostly with bank account reconciliations (there are lots of them at a bank) but also with payments, book keeping and other kinds of reconciliations. But it has been my work with the Swedish and Norwegian bank account reconciliations I have appriciated most. I have treated my bank accounts with so much time and love that they feel like my little babies. I will really miss them. And I will miss my colleagues. And I will miss my daily routins here. Everything. But at the same time I just can't wait to be fit for fight at my new job. But more about that another time.

Now, at 19.15 I am finally on my way home from work. 
Have a great evening!


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