My sweet Vanadis

Sorry for bad photo quality.

However, the pictures are of my little favorite horse/pony at the stable where I am riding. Her name is Vanadis, she the size of a small horse (big pony) but both her parents are big horses. She ended up being too small for her life assignment as a showjumping competition horse so I guess that is why she ended up at the riding school. She has a temperament not many at the riding school appreciates (slightly too quick and energetic) and I can admit that I didn’t feel 100% safe on her back the first times I ride her. When she is on a bad mood she does everything but collaborate with who’s on her back… But it was something about her that made me like her even if she scared me off a bit. Now, the 5th time I ride her and second time we jumped together I am in love with her :)


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