Special treatment from my colleagues

My colleagues are just adorable and I will give you a reason why…

Once a week we have  “fika” everyone together. One team member bake something nice and we take half an hour to sit down, drink coffee, eat the sweets and just relax the whole team together (we are 18 people).

Today my colleague Marie had done “mini semlas” (see pictures below) and as everyone in the office now knows that I usually don’t like too sweet things like the almond paste that is chopped inside the traditional semla. Therefor she had made a  special mini semla just for me, filled with lemon cream instead of the almond paste. I hadn't asked for it, she just did it for me. I felt so honored!

The same happened a month ago when Teresa, another colleague, had made wonderful little macarons. She made chocolate macarons to everyone, except for me, as I don’t like chocolate, so she made special lemon macarons to me instead.

Wonderful wonderful colleagues! I will miss everyone so much!


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