Stressful gray days

Relaxing at home

The spring is arriving, is just not here yet. Stockholm has still got just a few plus degrees and a part from one and other sunny days most days are just gray. That typical in between winter and spring weather, boring weather. 

On top of that I am really stressed over the thousand things I have to do in these days....

I am woring my last week at SEB kort and lots of things need to be sorted out before I close that door behind me. I am a bit sad of leaving SEB too, I know I will miss both my work and my adorable colleagues a lot. 

At the same time I am preparing for my new job. I have already been there, working with them just few hours to try to learn the new work tasks. I just can't wait to get started for real, learn everything I will be responsible for and bring it on. I got high expectations and I hope I will enjoy my new job even more that my previous ones. However, I got three days to learn everything and I must admit that I am a bit scared that three days won't be enough. 

The reason I only got three days is that I am off for a holiday next week. I am going to Curacao, a paradise island in the southern Caribbean sea. I am going partly for holiday, and partly for work. I will be working an hour a day as a personal training for a group of doctors who's at Curacao for a dive medicine course, a job I have to be really well prepared for. 

Well, having all these things in mind stresses me a lot...


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