Welcome to Atex

Flowers from my new job that was delivered to my home two days before my first day
On Monday I started my new job at Polopoly, or as the job contract says, my new job at Atex - that owns Polopoly. It has been three very busy and intensive days full of training, as I more and less only had these three days to learn most of my job. The girl that leaves the position I am taking over will no longer be there when I am back from my holidays... It is crazy. No one can learn a full time job in three days, right? 

However, I only had these three days and I have taken as much notes as possible in these days and I hope that they will help me to manage to deal with my new job quite independently when I am back. My first impression of the company and the job is great so I will be patient and give it time to learn it all. 

Now I am off for holiday, our flight it tonight.
I hope to keep you posted with some pictures while I am away :)


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