Wild show jumping

Last night it was time for show jumping at my riding school. We actually go jumping every third time which is great fun. We get one horse for three lessons, two dressage classes and one show jumping. So this was my third lesson on Vanadis, an overly quick and energetic horse that during the dressage lessons only fancied running around as fast as possible. I was really nervous before the show jumping class yesterday, scared of falling off and hurt myself. But Vanadis, that has been annoyingly stubborn during previous classes suddenly was just positive and responsive and we made a great team. I was so satisfied after the class. Unfortunately one other girl, with another overly energetic horse, felt off and hurt her back badly.

Horse riding is a great sport;  the bond with the horse is an indescribable feeling and it is a great total body work out, but it is important to have respect for it as it can be dangerous, as many other things in life.


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