Working as a fitness instructor in Curacao

So, here it comes, the explanation how I ended up in the South Caribbean just like that.

It started almost half year, when my boyfriend and I got offer the job opportunity to work as fitness instructors at a resort in Curacao where a group of Swedish doctors had planned to attend a diving medicine course with focus on health and fitness. Obviously we confirmed and since we have spent hours and hours of planning, organizing and training setting up fitness programs.

Both of us were very nervous the first day we held the fitness class but the group was great, very energetic and pleased with our training so everyday during the whole week we worked out at least half an hour a day. And thinking about it, they must have liked it as they all attended our work out session every single day instead of relaxing on the beach. Now afterwards I feel very satisfied, and maybe, just maybe, I will consider hold more work out classes in the future.


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