Stable duties

Another great evening in the stable.

Just hanging around the horses makes me feel great! Today I arrived one hour before the class and helped out with some stable duties. Those of you that don’t like horses might think I am crazy working for free, but I believe that all of you that are true horse lovers understands the lovely feeling  and relaxing feeling I felt just hanging around in the stable.

The horse on the picture is Gismo. A very cosy and charming pony :)



My great ex-colleagues

Tonight I have been out for dinner with two of my ex colleagues from the bank. I miss them so much.

The work I had at the bank might not have been the most exiting or personally developing but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed more and less every hour I spent there. It was a bit chaotic from time to time but we were a good team. We supported each other and made the best of our time at work. We had lunches together almost every day. We went to the gym together. We had picknicks in the summer. We went for long walks. We talked a lot, about work but even more about personal things.

My new job is much more of a career path. I feel I learn and develop every day. And I feel I got a future in the company. But I can’t help missing the girls from the bank and all the good times we had together.

However, tonight I met Teresa and Julia for a pasta dinner at the popular Italian restaurant Buco Nero and catched up on the latest news.



House warming party in Västerås

We spend the weekend in Västerås. Both Christoffer and myself have lived in Västerås during our university studies, me for 8 months and Christoffer for 6 years or so. This weekend we went to visit some of the friends that Christoffer still has got in Västerås. One couple has spent the past year (maybe more) building their own house and now the project is finally over and they have moved into the house and this weekend they hosted a house warming party.

The house was the most amazing house I have ever seen! Nothing like any other houses I’ve been to actually. The architecture, the planning, the styling, the technology well everything was just so impressive. And most of all, they had built all girls dream – a perfectly organized walk in closet. I was so impressed, or actually. All 30 of us joining the party were highly impressed of the house. And I think Christoffer and I got quite inspired of getting an own house soon!



Aqui Tapas

In Sweden we like tapas restaurants. Mostly Spanish tapas but we also have few Swedish or American tapas places around town. My favorite tapas restaurant has always been Caliente at St Eriksplan, it is fabulous.

Yesterday Christoffer and I met up with Cicci and her boyfriend at a, for us, new tapas place in town called Aqui Tapas and I must say I was happily surprised. We stayed long and had a really good evening, and the food was really nice!



Field riding

Just had one of the best moments this spring. At the riding school today we left the hippodrome behind and went for a ride all the way to a large field and then we held the lesson there. I had a new horse, Gismo, a very cute and sweet pony. We had a fun hour together!

That is the kind of riding I was used to do. The years when I had Tashima we mostly went out galloping over fields which actually is one of the best things I know in life!



Cherry Blossom

I love cherry blossom, as you might see from my blog design :)

During the lunch today my colleague and I went for a walk and an ice cream in Kungsträdgården to enjoy the amazing cherry blossom that every year is decorating part of the park. It is so nice. Too bad it is gone in just a couple of weeks.



I have time!

Finally dark winter evenings are getting lighter and freezing cold winds are getting tepid. Automatically people are getting happier, friends are getting more social and even strangers I meet on the underground are getting friendlier.

And I… I finally feel back on track. March was an overly busy and stressful month. I was quit my precious job the day after the month end report was handed in. I started my new job before I even had left my previous one. We had to developed training programs for our West Indies-misson and plan the trip. We had renovations going on at home for more than three weeks. I had stomach ache and felt deficient wherever I were.

Now the end of April is approaching and I finally feel I got things under control. No stress for nothing. I starting to get things at work under control and I am getting to know my new colleagues. My boyfriend and I have finally started to look out for a new place to live – not sure if we gonna buy a house outside town or a flat in town yet but at least we got it all started. No stress at all but I enjoy looking around. I am back training regularly. And I feel I have time to meet friends and family. I have time. Maybe it is because the days are getting longer and I am no longer deadly tired at 9pm every evening? For whatever reason I feel my time is enough and I love that feeling.



Comet and I

Another jumping lesson is over and I wish I could jump three weeks until next show jumping lesson. I love it so much.

The funny thing is that when I get to the stable and I am making the horse ready for the lesson I am always a bit nervous. I am almost feeling scared. 
I can also admit I am not the most venturous person in that stable... I am more the cautious girl that don't want to take any risks of falling of the horse. Maybe that is why I always feel extremly satisfierad when I manage to, for example, jump the whole series of obstacles as Comet and I did the other day. 



Happy birthday to me!

Some years I just can't wait to celebrate my birthday together with friends and family. It is the day of the year when I can get my loved ones together just because of me. During the years I have been having amazing dinners and parties that are and will always be life long memories.

But this year I didn't feel like planning anything big. No reason why but my birthday just didn't arrive at the right moment. Starting my job and the trip to West Indies ended up being to close to my birthday that I actually forgot to plan anything at all. That is why I was so happy and lucky having such a great friend organizing a little birthday get-together for me. Zarah planned it and together we invited some friends, baked scones and organized a kind of afternoon tea birthday event at Zarah's new place in town. She also made my the most adorable birthday cake! Unfortunately I forgot taking pictures of the gang.

In the evening Christoffer and I finally managed to get our parents together for a lovely dinner at restaurant Dalanisse. 



Sunset riding

Finally the spring is arriving and we can start go riding outside. I am not only allergic to horses but also to dust and grass so riding inside the riding-hall is a nightmare for my allergy. I have managed well so far with just few sneezes but it is anyway a big relief when we now start riding outside.

Yesterday's riding lesson in the sunset was so great and I enjoyed every second of it.


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