Happy birthday to me!

Some years I just can't wait to celebrate my birthday together with friends and family. It is the day of the year when I can get my loved ones together just because of me. During the years I have been having amazing dinners and parties that are and will always be life long memories.

But this year I didn't feel like planning anything big. No reason why but my birthday just didn't arrive at the right moment. Starting my job and the trip to West Indies ended up being to close to my birthday that I actually forgot to plan anything at all. That is why I was so happy and lucky having such a great friend organizing a little birthday get-together for me. Zarah planned it and together we invited some friends, baked scones and organized a kind of afternoon tea birthday event at Zarah's new place in town. She also made my the most adorable birthday cake! Unfortunately I forgot taking pictures of the gang.

In the evening Christoffer and I finally managed to get our parents together for a lovely dinner at restaurant Dalanisse. 


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