I have time!

Finally dark winter evenings are getting lighter and freezing cold winds are getting tepid. Automatically people are getting happier, friends are getting more social and even strangers I meet on the underground are getting friendlier.

And I… I finally feel back on track. March was an overly busy and stressful month. I was quit my precious job the day after the month end report was handed in. I started my new job before I even had left my previous one. We had to developed training programs for our West Indies-misson and plan the trip. We had renovations going on at home for more than three weeks. I had stomach ache and felt deficient wherever I were.

Now the end of April is approaching and I finally feel I got things under control. No stress for nothing. I starting to get things at work under control and I am getting to know my new colleagues. My boyfriend and I have finally started to look out for a new place to live – not sure if we gonna buy a house outside town or a flat in town yet but at least we got it all started. No stress at all but I enjoy looking around. I am back training regularly. And I feel I have time to meet friends and family. I have time. Maybe it is because the days are getting longer and I am no longer deadly tired at 9pm every evening? For whatever reason I feel my time is enough and I love that feeling.


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