Mothers day 2015

Sunday, yoga day and mothers day!

I am trying to keep my tradition of starting my Sundays with my favourite 90 minutes yoga class. Today I did. I went for my yoga and then straight on to meet my mum and celebrate the Swedish mother's day with her. My plan was to invite her for lunch in some kind of nice restaurant/ coffee place but no places allowed the dog to join. I am so fed up with this stupid Swedish dog racism. 

However, instead we ended up in my mum's place and I cooked a home baked pizza for lunch. We ate and drank tea while the rain was poring down outside. In other words, a cozy mother day!



The eurovision winner Måns live concert

Last Saturday while we were styling Christoffer’s apartment we manage to take the time to have few hours of cozy evening with good food, wine and the international Eurovision contest. It is no longer much of a music competition but much more of a big fabulous show. Quite entertaining if you ask me. However Sweden won! I voted for Italy and hoped they would win and instead Sweden got the first place and Italy ended up on the third. The Swedish song “Heroes” is quite alright anyway.

Yesterday the winner, Måns Zelmerlöv had his first concert in Sweden after his big victory and as it was a beautiful evening I went there with Christoffer and two of our best friends. The concert wasn’t that good but we had a really good evening with dinner, concert, long chilly “summer walk” back to the center and a cocktail at fancy story hotel. Isn’t it amazing how a good evening can make you feel great when you go to bed that same evening :)



Last show jumping session

Yesterday was the penultimate riding lesson and the last show jumping course. We jumped a 6 jumps tack and I got an adrenaline rush when it was my turn. I had a very quick and energetic pony that a part from one refusal made it very well.  The great part of the jumping is that it is a bit scary and lots of fun at the same time – true adrenaline.



Selling my apartment

The past few days have been overly hectic. My boyfriend and I are both about to sell our apartments, at the same time. And selling an apartment in Stockholm is crazy and hectic work. The market is absolutely insane!

The past few days we haven’t done anything else than cleaning the flats, buying styling items to style the flats to a perfect level.

Thanks god my boyfriend Christoffer and I are the perfect match. I plan and do the styling part. Christoffer is the almighty man that is able to fix everything and comes up with new brilliant ideas how to solve problems that arises along the way. So far we have done an absolutely great work with both the apartments but we know there are so much more to come before we got the contracts signed…

Above is a photo of my newly styled little appartment.



Summer riding

The semester at the riding school is getting close to its end. I know I will miss it so much.

Today, Saturday, I catched up for one of the missing lesions during March. It was a beautiful “summer day” (not sure if you can call 15 degrees for summer?) and we spend the whole hour out at the grass field. I loved every second of it!



Business trip to Oulu

Went for a two days trip to Oulu in north Finland mainly to meet the auditor but also to finally meet my colleagues over there. As I am responsible for Finland in my new job I am in daily contact with the colleagues in Oulu and I really much appreciated to get to know them by person.

I didn’t have high expectations of Oulu as a town and was a surprised to find a very pretty and clean town. I took a long walk in evening along the cost and enjoyed it a lot.



Baptism saturday

We had a great day together with many of Christoffer's friends yesterday. 

One of his best friend hosted a baptism party in their garden and friends and family came along to celebrate the big day. It was one of the warmest days of the year so far and people really enjoyed the great weather, good food and getting all friends together for once.



I am driving!

Better late than never have I finally started my studies to get my driving licence. I am studying the theory once a week, I am taking driving lessons at the driving school once or twice a month and I am driving with my boyfriend a couple of times a week. With that plan in mind I hope to get my driving licence after the summer. Keeping my fingers crossed!



Looking forward to the sailing season

It is still cold here in Sweden. Even if we have some beautiful and very much appreciated sunny days the air is still cold. Some vikings walks around with bare legs or arms but the temperatures never exceeds 15 degrees and I still wear kind of a winter jacket. 

Yesterday the guys, my boyfriend and 4 of his friends, finally managed to put their sailing boats into the water which practically means that the sailing season soon can begin. Few more things to fix and few more degrees in the air and then we can get to start the sailing season. I didn't overly enjoyed last years sailing season but I hope this year will be much better. 

One thing is sure. There is nothing in the world like the Swedish archipelago!



Walpurgis night

I just learned that Walpurgis is the English/German name for the celebration we in Sweden call “Valborg”. While the name Walpurgis is taken from the eighth-century English missionary Saint Walburga, Valborg has very little to do with religion (like most things in Sweden) and everything to do with the arrival of spring. In other words we are burning away the winter and celebrating the start of the spring season.

I celebrated the evening with Christoffer, Cicci and her boyfriend Johan. We celebrated Valborg but we also took the opportunity to celebrate “The contract” Christoffer and myself signed the same day.

We cooked a three course dinner and drank champagne. Went to Solna to see the fire. Great evening.

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