My great ex-colleagues

Tonight I have been out for dinner with two of my ex colleagues from the bank. I miss them so much.

The work I had at the bank might not have been the most exiting or personally developing but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed more and less every hour I spent there. It was a bit chaotic from time to time but we were a good team. We supported each other and made the best of our time at work. We had lunches together almost every day. We went to the gym together. We had picknicks in the summer. We went for long walks. We talked a lot, about work but even more about personal things.

My new job is much more of a career path. I feel I learn and develop every day. And I feel I got a future in the company. But I can’t help missing the girls from the bank and all the good times we had together.

However, tonight I met Teresa and Julia for a pasta dinner at the popular Italian restaurant Buco Nero and catched up on the latest news.


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