House warming party in Västerås

We spend the weekend in Västerås. Both Christoffer and myself have lived in Västerås during our university studies, me for 8 months and Christoffer for 6 years or so. This weekend we went to visit some of the friends that Christoffer still has got in Västerås. One couple has spent the past year (maybe more) building their own house and now the project is finally over and they have moved into the house and this weekend they hosted a house warming party.

The house was the most amazing house I have ever seen! Nothing like any other houses I’ve been to actually. The architecture, the planning, the styling, the technology well everything was just so impressive. And most of all, they had built all girls dream – a perfectly organized walk in closet. I was so impressed, or actually. All 30 of us joining the party were highly impressed of the house. And I think Christoffer and I got quite inspired of getting an own house soon!


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