Our new lovely house!

Like I said few times before, my boyfriend and I bought a house few weeks ago. We were looking at both apartments in the centre and houses close outside the centre and hadn't really decided what we mostly wanted. 

I appreciate to live close to work. Close to my family. Close to my friends. Close to the gym. Close to the grocery store. But I also wanted to be close to the nature. Beautiful walking paths. Close to the water. Close to horses. I am an active person that wants to fill my life with social activities. 

Christoffer instead is the restless person that loves to work with his hands. In an apartment he has tried to fill his time with fixing the balcony, treating his flowers and installing great sound and light systems. He grow up in a house and his dream is to have house himself to spend so much time just fixing everything and nothing. 

The mix of our wish list ended up being a house along the metro line (still easy and kind of fast to get to work/friends/social events). It is 1,5 km from the sea and lovely nature strolls. 2 km from a couple of stables. 500 meter from the underground and the closest Sats gym. 1 km from a massive shopping centre with one of Stockholm's newest Sats-gym. Quiet and pretty area. Friends living in the area. Well, we got almost everything we wanted so I can say we are very happy.

The house is from the 50th. Everything is in good conditions but we are planning to create something totally own in it. Install the kitchen we like. Choose the floors we want to walk around on. Fixing the garden in our style. Our plan is to give it some time (and money) and make it fabulous. I know its gonna take some time and effort but I know the result will be great. And the blow will slowly become more of a home decor and garden blog than the crazy travel girl-blog it has been. 


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