The eurovision winner Måns live concert

Last Saturday while we were styling Christoffer’s apartment we manage to take the time to have few hours of cozy evening with good food, wine and the international Eurovision contest. It is no longer much of a music competition but much more of a big fabulous show. Quite entertaining if you ask me. However Sweden won! I voted for Italy and hoped they would win and instead Sweden got the first place and Italy ended up on the third. The Swedish song “Heroes” is quite alright anyway.

Yesterday the winner, Måns Zelmerlöv had his first concert in Sweden after his big victory and as it was a beautiful evening I went there with Christoffer and two of our best friends. The concert wasn’t that good but we had a really good evening with dinner, concert, long chilly “summer walk” back to the center and a cocktail at fancy story hotel. Isn’t it amazing how a good evening can make you feel great when you go to bed that same evening :)


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