100 day workout challenge

Like I said the other day I have been having a workout challenge together with some ex colleagues and friends. I started of perfectly with two great workout months in January and February with an average of 4-5 days a week. Even March was a good month even if we had a long holiday in the middle of the month. April was neither quite good too. But May was terrible. Thanks to all the work and stress when selling our apartments. I had an average of 2,5 times a week and thanks to that I was close to loose my challenge. 

But June was great. I catched up what I missed and manage to get my 100 workout sessions today, the day before the end. 

This challenge was 100 workout sessions from new years eve until midsummer.

My next summer challenge is quite easy, I think. It consists of 20 workout days in 10 week - from 8th of June until 16th of August. 

Then its one more challenge,,, 200 day workout challenge from midsummer until New years eve. Thank will be harder!


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