Checking out our new garden

I guess it was a month's ago now.... Time flies. But it was a month ago we managed to win the bidding for the little yellow house you see above. I still can't believe it though but the house is ours! I will share some more pics and info another day. 

A couple of weeks ago the previous (still actually the current) owner called us a saying we should pop by and spend some time in the garden as it was full of flowers. He carefully explained that the cherry tree, the apple trees and the flowerbed were all showing up it's best sides. So yesterday, I guess few days too late, Christoffer, my mum and I drove passed to have a look. It was a lovely feeling walking into what will become our own garden. It was very green, few flowers still on the threes and just amazing. I can't wait to spend mornings and evenings in my own garden.


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