HiF - IFK at Tele2 arena

It’s been years since I went to a football game, especially a Swedish one. Last time on a football arena must have been one of the AC Milan-games I saw in Italy in 2013. In London I went to maybe 10 games during my 4,5 years I lived there. But a Swedish Allsvenskan game I think was in 2005 or so. 10 years ago.

On Sunday I joined two friends to see Hammarby – IFK Göteborg at Tele2 arena. I must say I found it quite boring. The whole show was fun, for a while at least. But they played very badly. It was the day after the champions league final so maybe my head was used to another standard but when I watched these two Swedish teams, one of them in top of the league, I felt I could had done it better myself.

The three of us had a great afternoon anyway. The feeling of just being at the arena was great fun. We had popcorn, beer and chatted and the game became a bit of a background noise. That’s how interested we were after half an hour of watching at it. Now I would like to go for a real derby game, preferably to see my own team AIK. Will try to find tickets for it after the summer.


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