Last time at Färingsö ridskola

...well, last time for this semester I mean. I am sure I will be back one day. 

I am not sure I will go on riding next semester though. Even if I, a part from a couple of dramatic accident moments, have loved every minute of it I am not sure I will go back next semester.

Färingsö ridskola is better than most other riding schools because of the way they treat their horses and because of the flexibility of changing the time for your riding classes. The teachers are good, or at least they are very kind. I feel appreciated. The group I have been part of is great, few of us became friends in the spare time even. I love that. 

The bad part about Färingsö ridskola is mainly the distance. It takes me at least 1,5 hour to get there from work. Extreme traffic jams every week that stresses me off. Then the school have got the mosy rude and aggressive little girl working there. I think she is hired to help people but she mainly just screams at people if they happen to ask her something. 
Then I can admit I feel I haven't learned anything new this semester. Obviously I have got tips and tricks how to do things better. But there is nothing I feel I have neither learned of got better in unfortunatelly

It is a riding school where to come to in order to enjoy riding horses. Not one of those riding schools where they focus on pure training to learn things or to get perfect before a competition.

 But one thing is sure. I have highly enjoyed my semester with the lovely little horses at Färingsö ridskola and now I feel stucked in the middle in the decision if I should sign up next semester or not. 


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