Marilyn Manson live at Gröna Lund

A good mix in life has always been my mission. A mix of a little bit of everything. Also in music. That is why I decided to go for the big Marilyn Manson concert on Wednesday. I can’t say I am a big fan, neither that I would listen to his music but a concert is always a concert and Marilyn is always Marilyn. It was a great show even if I don’t really like his style, or his personality. I don’t scream the f-word. I don’t give the finger. I surly don’t repeat “I hate love, I love hate” twenty times. But I do love concerts and I love to sing and dance together with 17 000 other people whoever is on stage. And one thing Marilyn can it to perform and create a good show.

The whole evening was great. We were a gang of 10 people that had dinner and beers in the sun before the concert. That afterwards took a long walk along the coast back to town.

Great evening, until I got back home and realized someone had cut off the tire of my bicycle :(


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