Midsummer in Flen 2015

A rainy Swedish midsummer at its best!

I am so fed up with the Swedish summer weather. Whole June has soon passed and we haven’t had more than a couple of days of summer weather. Gah!

Anyway, midsummer passed and we really made the best of it. We were a gang of almost 30 people of mixed ages (from 8 months until 89 years old) and we celebrated a real traditional Swedish midsummer.

We all arrived at lunch time. We prepared the paypole full of flowers and leaves. And then of course we danced around it.

After that we had the traditional herring lunch followed by the even more traditional strawberry and cream cakes. Few midsummer shots together its “shots songs” (nubbevisor) warmed people up.

Then it was time for the games. We were split into teams and completed 6 tasks together. Much fun.

In the evening we had BBQ, more singing and a music quiz.

The weather was crap but our day was great fun anyway. More Swedish than that is hard to get :)


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