Picnic in Rålis and a good weekend

It’s been a quite relaxed weekend for once. No stress and a good combination of activities. 

It started off very well with a spontaneous and relaxed picnic in the park on Friday. We were a fabulous mix of people! I had one of my best childhood friends there. My mum. One friend from my university with his international girlfriend. And one my firends from London. Then Christoffer had one childhood friend with his girlfriend. And one of his university friends. It could hardly get better :) And then it was one of our first true summer evenings and everyone were happy.

I spent Saturday with my parents. We had lunch in the sun and lunch dessert in my mums place where we watched part of the royal wedding. In the evening Christoffer and I went for this year’s first BBQ dinner at Anna and Fredriks place in Nacka. Yam!

On Sunday the autumn/spring-weather was back. Christoffer and I cruised around in between different car selling firms trying to find our new family member (a new car). We did find one that we actually both liked (it doesn’t happen too often) but as we were not yet convinced we ended up not buying it.


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