Selling my apartment part 2

It is a crazy job to sell an apartment. Honestly, I am exhausted. Obviously I have had the triple work than other people selling their flats. 
1. We are selling two flats at the same time
2. My apartment is still rented out to a person

We have been working like monsters to get everything done on time. And as a girl is living in the flat we have to do the careful cleaning over and over again; before meeting the real estate broker, before the photography session, before all three showings. In between all these days the flat manage to get extremely dirty over and over again. 

Now it is getting close to and end I hope. I really keep my fingers crossed as I feel I can't make it any more! I can't handle the stress I feel around all this. 

The first show was today. The second on Sunday morning and the last one on Monday evening. Then I hope hope hope to have it sold by the end of next week. 

Wish me the best of luck!


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