Ulvsundssjön runt 2015

(Much more pictures on the camera, but I haven't had time to load them yet)

It’s now a tradition! Every year, on the national day of Sweden, Christoffer and I host a running event. We run 5 + 5 km with one drink stop halfway. Then afterwards people showers before the party starts. I have been part of this tradition only the past two years but I think Christoffer has been hosting it for 4 or 5 years now. I think we were 15 people running this year, some supports and then some more people joined afterwards just for the dinner. Last year we had a big BBQ but this year we were a bit lazy so we ordered lots of pizzas that we ate in the sun up at the hill behind our home. And then we stayed there until 10pm eating, drinking, talking, listening to music, singing ourselves and just had a fabulous time. At ten we went inside, saw the second half of the Champions league final and then continued the party inside. I asked myself before going to bed, why do we only catch up like this once a year? :)


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