Wind music awards at Rai Tv

I miss Italy! I miss Italy so much that it hurts some times.

The summer in Sweden has still not started. It is the beginning of June. The spring has hardly arrived in my opinion. I still walk around with a duvet jacket and gloves in the mornings. That is winter for me. We have got between 5 and 15 degrees. It has been raining most days in the whole 2015. Just boring!

I am happy I got such a great life that the weather is not the main focus even if it annoys me. Best boyfriend, a great job and a new house soon to settle into brightens my mood up. I have also been crazily busy so even if we would have had sunny days I would have spent them inside.

However, yesterday evening I ended up in front of the TV. (It happens very rarely) But my sixth sense turned the TV on and immediately put the Italian Rai uno on and just happend to find the amazing Wind music awars show. I melted. Italy! My lovely Italy. The wonderful Italian music. The heat. They have 30 degrees in Italy at the moment, 22 by night and people in the crowd were sweating. I so wish I was there but I wasn't. 

Today I will book tickets to go to Italy in August. Can't wait.


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