Great night at Debaser terassen

I am not much of a party girl in these days. My evenings are more about dinners, bbq's and some after work drinks but I must say that last night was great. 

My friend Luisa from Milan is here visiting with her boyfriend Alberto and last night Christoffer and I met them up at Debaser Terassen that just opened up for the summer. Laura also came by with a group of her friends so we were a really fun gang of people. It was a warm evening (not very common in Sweden this summer) and we sat outside until midnight just talking and drinking. Then we took a walk though old Söder and ended up for more delicious cocktails at the cool skybar "Himlen därtill" with a great view over Stockholm. 

I don't really like staying out late but we had such a great time that even I could say it was worth it :)



  1. Du verkar leva ett härligt liv :)

  2. Wonderful evening!


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