Saturday yoga class

I went to yoga today. An advanced leveled yoga class at Sats Odenplan. It's been a while since I attended a really good yoga class but today's class was amazingly good. Both me and my friends can agree that Josefin Palmgren is one of Sats's absolutely best yoga instructions, too bad I don't manage to attend them more often. Now I just feel great, but fisically and mentally.

Now we (me and my mums dog Stella that is here) are just waiting for some of my girl friends to arrive for a cosy night in together at my place. What a great Saturday heh!



Few things are more important than to work...

Bild från dn.se

I am not very into sports, not any more. I rarely watch other sports than European football or horse riding on TV but sometimes things happens and it is just obvious that everyone should watch. Today was a moment like that! At the moment the world skiing championships is running up in Falun and yesterday Sweden got one of our biggest gold chances when Charlotte Kalla started in her favorite  event, the 10 km freestyle.

The whole finance department was collected in the kitchen/ relax area to see Charlotte Kalla win her first individual world championship of her career on her home ground here in Sweden.  

To be honest I don’t care too much about the skiing and who’s winning what but it was an incredible feeling to sit/stand there all colleagues together and live follow our hero taking home the gold medal. Suddenly we had something in common, a small thing that made collagues that never talk to eachother smile together.

Collagues at SEB kort watching last minutes of the ski freestyle race together.



Riding Vanadis

Vanadis and I
Christoffer is Communicating with another pony outside the stable :)
Very enthusiastically I keep on riding at Färingsö. Normally I go riding only on Wednesdays but this week I went to the stable both Wednesday and Saturday. Both days I got Vanadis, a very energetic pony/horse (her size is just in between pony and horse). On Wednesday it didn’t go very well. I think we both stressed eachother a bit. She just kept on running and I couldn’t manage to stop her so I got nervous. Obviously horses can feel this kind of reaction we humans get so she got nervous too. Bad combination. The whole dressage lesion I just focused on trying to get her to slow down/not run around too fast and uncontrollable. Saturday was better. Suddenly we were more a team, a quick team, but under control. She is a very nice and fun horse, just the kind of horse I would like to own myself. The kind of horse I would love to regularly train for better results. I bet we could become a great team if we just would get the chance to work for it.



Thank you Amendo

...for the 45 semla's you sent me yesterday! For once the whole finance department got together to celebrate Fettisdagen (the fat Tuesday) everyone together. Much appriciated!



Dinner at La famiglia

La famiglia is and has always been (at least since I was a child) one of the top Italian restaurants in Stockholm. Yesterday Erika, Anna and myself enjoyed a fabulous pasta dinner at the restaurant. It was the first time I went there since high school, I think. It used to be one of those restaurants where I went with my family to celebrate birthdays, school endings or just anything we found celebratable. It must be 10 years ago, or no, like 15 years ago. Jezuz, sometimes I get scared of how times flies, just too fast…



Cold and sunny Sunday

I have had a spectacularly good weekend. I haven’t done anything special really but I have managed to do so much things and suddenly I remember that fully packed weekend used to be my thing. My weekends used to be fully booked with friends, family, training, dinners and much more. But it is so easy to get lazy.

I live together with my boyfriend that I adore spending time with and since the chilly winter started we have been spending more and more time at home, sometimes just the two of us, but often with friends over for dinner. But we are not out that often any more but this weekend we were and I realize I appreciate it a lot. On Friday we invited Zarah and Eric over for dinner and we had a great evening. Then the rest of the weekend just rushed away and today, Monday, I feel fit for fight for a new week!



Valentines day in Mariefred

We started of the day perfectly with a home baked breakfast at my mum's place.

Then we drove (I drove!) all the way to Mariefred for lunch and a long walk.

Evening in with sushi and Prosecco. A perfect day! :)

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