My sweet Vanadis

Sorry for bad photo quality.

However, the pictures are of my little favorite horse/pony at the stable where I am riding. Her name is Vanadis, she the size of a small horse (big pony) but both her parents are big horses. She ended up being too small for her life assignment as a showjumping competition horse so I guess that is why she ended up at the riding school. She has a temperament not many at the riding school appreciates (slightly too quick and energetic) and I can admit that I didn’t feel 100% safe on her back the first times I ride her. When she is on a bad mood she does everything but collaborate with who’s on her back… But it was something about her that made me like her even if she scared me off a bit. Now, the 5th time I ride her and second time we jumped together I am in love with her :)



Working as a fitness instructor in Curacao

So, here it comes, the explanation how I ended up in the South Caribbean just like that.

It started almost half year, when my boyfriend and I got offer the job opportunity to work as fitness instructors at a resort in Curacao where a group of Swedish doctors had planned to attend a diving medicine course with focus on health and fitness. Obviously we confirmed and since we have spent hours and hours of planning, organizing and training setting up fitness programs.

Both of us were very nervous the first day we held the fitness class but the group was great, very energetic and pleased with our training so everyday during the whole week we worked out at least half an hour a day. And thinking about it, they must have liked it as they all attended our work out session every single day instead of relaxing on the beach. Now afterwards I feel very satisfied, and maybe, just maybe, I will consider hold more work out classes in the future.



Horseback riding in Curacao

Lying on the beach is great. Listen to the waves, sun bathing, reading, talking and just relaxing. But after some days of just beaches it is easy to get a bit restless so what could be a better idea than going for a horse riding tour in the Caribbean nature so that was exactly what my boyfriend, Ebba and myself did one day. It was absolutely one of the best days of the whole vacation.

We went to a nice middle sized stable with only Passo Fino-horses and went for a two hour riding tour in a close-by national park. My boyfriend hasn't really been riding much before but he got a very sweet pony that we got along very well with. He really enjoyed it and wants to do it again. Maybe I can convince him joining my riding school....

However, all three of us had a fabulous time even if in my eyes the horses where slightly too skinny. But they all seemed happy and energetic and both the horses and the riders really had great fun.



South Caribbean sunsets

I love sunsets! Wherever in the world I am I love watching the sun go down, especially over the sea, obviously. 

So far Italy has been my favorite sunset country but now I think Italy has been beaten by Curacao. 
The sunset here, in the West Indies/ south Caribbean are amazing. Every day I spend an hour dreaming at the beach watching fantastic sunsets.



Night out at Wet & Wild beach club

Beaches. Sea. Cocktails. Music. Sunset. Dancing. Happy people.
All best ingredients to make a fantastic evening with my boyfriend - the true love of my life.



1000 miles from home

Lying on a paradise beach watching the beautiful sunset.
Can't ask for more in this moment...


Long flight

Finally we're here! After a long 10 hours flight we arrived safetly at the paradise island Curacao. 9 days of total relax!



Welcome to Atex

Flowers from my new job that was delivered to my home two days before my first day
On Monday I started my new job at Polopoly, or as the job contract says, my new job at Atex - that owns Polopoly. It has been three very busy and intensive days full of training, as I more and less only had these three days to learn most of my job. The girl that leaves the position I am taking over will no longer be there when I am back from my holidays... It is crazy. No one can learn a full time job in three days, right? 

However, I only had these three days and I have taken as much notes as possible in these days and I hope that they will help me to manage to deal with my new job quite independently when I am back. My first impression of the company and the job is great so I will be patient and give it time to learn it all. 

Now I am off for holiday, our flight it tonight.
I hope to keep you posted with some pictures while I am away :)

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