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A little bit about me...

Hi, my name is Maria-Alexandra and I am a Swedish blogging girl living in Italy. My blog is all about me, myself and I - it's kind of a diary blog following my hectic daily life here in Milan. I write about my experiences, my thoughts and dreams and on top of that I add lots of photos.
I'm a happy, kind-hearted and adventurous girl. I love travelling, discovering new places and meeting new people. I like horse riding, reading books, writing and watching football. I'm highly organized and I love planning!


I'm born and raised in the centre of Sweden's beautiful capital Stockholm. I have a university degree in International business and did my specialization within HR, communication and leadership. During my studies I spend one year abroad; half year in Ireland and another 8 months in Italy. It was one of the best years in my life so finishing my degree I decided to move abroad again and ended up moving to London.

I stayed in fantastic London for four years working within finance. I loved London for it's diversity - It's always something going on, new things to try and I just loved the fact of meeting new friends every week from every corner of the world. But after four years I felt I wanted to do something new and as I since studying in Bologna in Italy been having dreams moving back I decided that Italy would be my next home.... 
In March 2010 I moved to Milan. I went here without knowing anyone and I just had basic knowledge of the language. I took an intensive Italian course and was lucky to be offered a job in the first place I applied to - the big, fancy and luxury department store Rinascente. There I worked as a beauty therapist, make up artist and sales promoter for the LVMH owned company Givenchy. It was the best way ever to learn the language, meet new people and develop skills within a total new area - the beauty sector.

After a year or so I found a job as accounts payable for SVP Europe (VSM Group/Husqvarna) where I was responsible for the whole Nordic part of the company. This was actually where my accounting career started. I lived almost four years in Milan. Four absolutely fantastic years! I love the Italian culture, the food, the weather and the people. And I met the most fantastic friends but… I missed my home country Sweden, my family and my old friends so one day I just took the decision to move back.


After I moved back to Stockholm things started to happen fast... I found a good job at the bank SEB. I met the love of my life and we moved together after just a half year together. After a year we sold our apartments and bought a small house together in Bromma/Vällingby. I got a new job as an accountant for a IT company in central Stockholm. I live a very active and social life. I hang out with friends as often as I can. I exercise regularly 3-4 times a week and try to get a good mix of cardio, straight and flexibility training. I read lots of books and enjoys exploring new places and restaurants. Nowadays I also have to find time for some renovation of our new house and taking care of the garden. 

So... thanks for reading!

And don't be a stranger, feel free to post comments or send me e-mails with your thoughts or if you have any questions.

Much love
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